Education & Training


The 1995 NUM Education Conference Resolution was established or created to accelerate the leadership development in the union. That is why we have continuous courses running at this centre.

The NUM also develop brochures and send them to the regions for them to send participants to attend these courses. These courses equip secretaries at all levels, full time stewards, office bearers and staff members with the necessary tools they need to deal with the daily challenges facing the organized working class.

It also aimed to empower stewards by building their confidence and skills.

The NUM’s education and training work is informed by the union’s ten-year plan. The overall objective of the education plan is to contribute decisively to our organizational tools.

We offer trade union education that enables comrades to see their reality, critically for what actually is and not for what others outside our environment would wish them to see. The NUM Education’s aim is to create thinking, critical cadres who can contribute positively to defining the approach of the union takes the challenges we face.


The college operates in the following manner:

The Training Centre provides various training courses and facilities such as conference rooms, photocopying, accommodation and food, and is managed separately.

The Education Department delivers the following outlined courses and is managed separately:

Courses delivered as per the brochure are as follows:-

  • Trade Union Qualification – SAQA ACCREDITED
  • Finance for Trade Union/NGO – SAQA ACCREDITED
  • Interpret Basic Financial Statements – SAQA ACCREDITED
  • Labour Law Course – SAQA ACCREDITED
  • Computer level 1 and 2
  • Skills Development and Employment Equity
  • Gender and The Law
  • Full Time Steward Course
  • Finance and Treasurers Course
  • National Political School
  • Minutes Writing and Report Writing
  • Leadership Development
  • Arbitration Course
  • International School